This winter save the world from invasion of worms in this very addictive and fun shooter. Compete with the world by showing off how best you can shoot and score more than them, so lets pick the gun and start shooting in this superb game.

Play with keyboard mouse, or gamepads, choice is yours. Play as solo or in co-operative mode, again your choice. Playing with friends always adds a fun factor.   Features

•Up to 4 Players coop

•Support to Gamepads(4 players) or same-keyboard play(2 players).

•Melee, Ranged and Exploding Enemies, with several variables for easy behavior adjustment.

•Score Collectables.

•Healing collectables.

•Weapon Inventory system. Pickup, Swap and Drop weapons.

•Mobile controls will come in next update with windows phone 8 app launch.

•Procedural Level Generation giving you infinite levels.

•More updates coming soon.