RIA Services deployment issue

Rich internet applications are handy tool to work with when you’re developing database applications in Silverlight using Entity Framework. RIA services provide a bridge through domain services. Working in it is a dreamy thing, as it does much of plumbing and networking stuff. The pain starts when you deploy it to live site.

I had a site i was to host on Godaddy servers, i published the website and uploaded it over the ftp. Things should have gone smoother, but all of a sudden i got this error:

IIS specified authentication schemes ‘Basic, Anonymous’, but the binding only  supports specification of exactly one authentication scheme. Valid  authentication schemes are Digest, Negotiate, NTLM, Basic, or Anonymous. Change  the IIS settings so that only a single authentication scheme is used.”

I wandered here and there, serached around 20 million webpages (i meant few 100 but it was painful), and i got a solution at last.

The hostings normally by default have both basic and anonymous authentication enabled. Disabling anonymous does not do the trick as it will keep on asking for passwords to authenticate which the poor users do not have. So the solution was to disable basic authentication. Viola it worked like a charm.