Get Windows Mango before it comes to your handset through proper channel

I have a HTC HD7, i was waiting for a long time to dirty my hands on windows phone 7, it was to finally come on 23rd of September, but somehow it was not coming to my device unless it was officially released. I was thinking that might be microsoft is not considering my device , i visited many blogs to check what could be the reason.

One of Microsoft website said that we can track the release on site that when will it come, but my region was not on the list. I thought for 10 days wait period. I went to a website: I followed the approach around 30 times but no use, i thought it is a fake trick, but the positive feedbacks on the post forced me to think over it a bit.

The post said that i have to disable wifi and bluetooth on the device, open Zune, under Settings -> update, as soon as i click on update i need to disable the wifi within a 1 sec difference. On my laptop there was a wireless on off shortcut key, so it was easy for me. This was somehow not working for me. I thought for a bit as a developers point of view and i realized that it goes to the server and see for information, and if i disconnect the wifi on my laptop within a second or two, the request might not go to server.

I did this;

a- I calculated the time between clicking the Update button and the time to see the message that “Your phone is up to date”
b- That was about 11 -12 seconds
c- What i did was than that i disabled the WIFI and Bluetooth on my HD7 device.
d- Connected my device to pc, and opened Zune.
e- Then i go to settings – Software and clicked update
f- As my time frame was 12 seconds, i counted till 9, and right before 3 seconds, i disabled the wifi on my pc.
g- Viola! i got the message that the there is an update avaiable for me.

Rest you guys know, how to update the software on your phone. This works for me 100%. I hope this will work for everyone as it worked for me at last.