Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur

In our life we want everything, a good lifestyle, health, wealth, friends, happiness, joy and all sort of good things imaginable. Some we achieve, and some we do not. God let us have somethings, he lets us wait for somethings and sometimes we just cannot get those. We cannot be God so we have to live with what we have and thank the God Almighty for what he gives us.

In software industry, there are Gods.. i must say Software Gods like Apple, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, IBM to name a few. They rule over our lives in various ways. By we, i mean the poor developers. They let us have their products, we got addicted. Then they keep us awaited for new releases. And keep us annoyed for certain features which we want or we do not want them to be. There are sub Gods too, like Social Gods, namely facebook, twitter, linkedIn, and others. We live in such a social hell that one do not even remember that how many Gods one worship in software industry. And the only reason is that we “Want” things, we do not want to create our own. That is where the “Entrepreneur” is born, and wanttrepreneur is shot dead right in the heart.

Revolutions come when some one kills his inner wantrepreneur and rise to become a entrepreneur. The process is slow, full of troubles, and one must know the necessity of his freedom, else success is far away from him. A thing that you once wished, now people will wish that you create it. Be a God or be ready to worship them. Choice is yours. Now tell me what do you want to be.