Online Video Conference Event On Microsoft Visual C# 2012

Education is vital to a sustainable social and economic progress. Microsoft believes that when high-quality education is accessible, relevant and meaningful, citizens of all ages will have real opportunities to develop the skills they need to succeed. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft and Higher Education Commission, Pakistan (HEC) partnered in the form of an Educational Alliance. The objective is to drive the Local Software Economy and enhance capacity building.

Microsoft and HEC has organized a Training Session on Microsoft Visual C# 2012, the training comprises of 1 hours long session organized for Students. The objective of this training session is to empower and train on latest technologies and provide with the relevant mentorship and technical support.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is loaded with new capabilities for Windows 8, the web, SharePoint, mobile, and cloud development—as well as the application management lifecycle tools you need to break down team barriers and reduce cycle times to deliver value continuously. You’ll even find a redesigned UI to streamline everyday tasks and kick your productivity into gear.
Event Details:
Event: Microsoft Visual C# 2012
Date: Friday, 20th September, 2013
Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Location: Online at Video Con. Facility of HEC
Presenter: Ali Sufyan Butt

Universities Online:

10+ universities were connected live

130+ Microsoft student partners

100+ MSDN partners were also online for the session

  • University of Karachi
  • NUML
  • University of Azad Jammu Kashmir
  • UET Taxila
  • International IslamicUniversity
  • AIR University
  • Kohat University of Science and Technology
  • GCU Faislabad, GCU Lahore
  • Lahore College for Women
  • AIOU

The session covered advance C# concepts in .net framework 4, 4.5 and upcoming async features. The session was both theoretical and practical at the same time.

Good way to write code – A

Lots of time, we can increase readability and performance of our app by using good programming practices. Like I was doing once like below:

if (IsolatedStorageWrapper.LoadString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”) == “”)
IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, “true”);
IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, “”);

now this is something we do most of the times, but all this can be done in one line of code as well, see below:

IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, IsolatedStorageWrapper.LoadString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”) == “” ? “true” : “”);

The compiler will have to traverse through less lines, and we might some less CPU cycles :)

debug symbols not loading when i debug in Visual Studio

I was going to debug my app, while running the website, i placed a breakpoint, but it was not hitting that breakpoint during the execution cycle. I tried to do it through “Attach to Process” method, and attaching my Visual studio debugger to w3wp.exe.

Still no clue, i searched a bit of options in the Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> General and un-check the option that says “Require source files to exactly match the original version”

This will make life easier, and enable us to debug the solution. Phew!!