Ndepend is a tool which I am really excited to review at last. I had a long time commitment with NDepend team but I for some reasons I had been too busy in other stuff that I really missed it, But I have not forgotten it at all and been using the tool and had great benefits which I want to share with you guys.

After downloading the tool, it is fairly easy to configure the extension with Visual Studio as well as we can also use Visual NDepend tool to visually analyze the solution or assemblies.

For first timers, this link can help to install and configure http://www.ndepend.com/docs/getting-started-with-ndepend

After running this tool for the first time, I scanned my project and viola, I was in deep trouble, just kidding, I mean I got a detail report of issue with my code, code metrics, dependency graphs, Dependency Matrix and a long list of rules violated in the code. This was really a great thing to see and I immediately started to work on making the mistakes right.

NDepend is giving me insights into my code that we normally ignore, but keep following through the standards and after a few iterations with NDepend, it was all sweet code. All thanks to NDepend tooling and support.