HTC has finally launched HTC 8x its smart phone series for windows phone 8. Nokia Lumia 920 has already been reviewed a lot, and was into screens earlier. Lets see what HTC brings in.


HTC took the veil of their 8X device featuring Windows Phone 8 recently. The  phone looks really good on the paper. First things first, so I will be writing  about the specs in the later part of this article. HTC mentioned in the press  release that the Windows Phone 8X flagship will be coming with a dedicated audio  amplifier apart from the Beats Audio that most of the HTC phones come with. Yes,  the phone is actually said to feature a 2.55v amplifier that should greatly  increase sound output and push the device’s speaker or any other enhancement  connected to its limits.

When I saw the picture of the 8X which is just 0.39” thick, I thought to  myself – “how loud can this phone be anyways?”, but seems like the company has  put in a lot of effort into this device in order to make it stand out of the  crowd. Below is a video shot by WPCentral which shows the additional 2.55v  amplifier in action.

As you can hear in the demo, the Adele song is blasting through the phone’s  speaker up to a point that you can’t hear what the person is saying exactly.  According to WPCentral, it’s difficult to get “real feel” via video, and the  additional amplifier is said to indeed make a difference. The audio output is  strikingly loud with no distortion. Connecting the device to an external speaker  should do wonders, perfect for a media savvy buyer. The music output is pretty  powerful going by smartphone standards.

Apart from the inbuilt amplifier, which is of course a good selling point and  will definitely make the device stand out of the crowd, HTC 8X will be sporting  a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz, though there’s no information on the  brand or chipset being used. Coupled with 1 gig RAM and 16 gig ROM, the phone  should be snappy. Yes, most of the high end smartphones are coming with 2 gig of  RAM these days, and it is fast becoming a standard, but seems like Windows Phone  8 is not that RAM hungry and 1 gig should be just sufficient enough. It is  equipped with a 4.3” display (720 x 1280 pixels) that at 342 ppi has an  extremely high pixel density.

HTC is not known for implementing camera sensors with high megapixels in its  device, and company seems to be in tune with that standard even with Windows  Phone 8 devices. The device will be making use of an 8 megapixels  back-illuminated sensor (BSI) with f/2.0 lens and an ultra-wide angle  front-facing camera. The main camera is capable of shooting videos at 1080p HD,  which is a great feature to have and can be a selling point too. The phone will  be featuring NFC.

The front camera which is 2MP shooter can shoot a view of 88 degree angle,  “allowing up to four people and more to be captured at once”. What are your  thoughts on HTC Windows Phone 8X.