What is Code Trigger:

Code Trigger is a code Generation tool For C#, WPF, WCF, SQL SERVER/ORACLE/MYSQL and Visual Studio 2013-2017.

One can buy the tool from Link. 14 days Trial is also available after which one can purchase the full software.



My Experience:

Now a days life of a software engineer hangs around productivity, quality and efficiency. Delivering under tight deadlines with quality is a challenge for most of us.

Consider a client asks you to build a software under in 2 weeks, which includes web front end, backend with SQL server, and rest API’s for android and IOS platforms. It compose of let us say 4 entities, user, product, orders and sale. Sounds like a tough plan.

As a project manager one would think of following things:

a- Setup code base.
b- Graphics Design Resources availability.
c- Design and architecture.
d- Meeting deadlines.

As a developer I would think of following:

a- Which design pattern to follow.
b- 4 entities. Each entitiy should provide atleast basic CRUD (Create, read, Update and Delete) operations in Data Access Layer.
c- Performance of code
d- Bug free code
e- Web Service Layer
f- Dependency Injection in code? Ninject, Unity, Autofac?
g- Repository Pattern.
h- Writing the access layer.

Approximately i assume this should take around 4-5 days if a developer works for 40 hours a week.

A similar scenario came to me, but with a twist, i had 30+ entities, performance of code specially web services had a demand of 2-3 seconds per request, code quality should be top notch, clean code.

I was look around for difference code generator tools like LLBLgen Pro, SalarDB, and many more. But I choose code trigger for some reasons.

a- It plays directly with ado.net, and ado.net is the fastest. Clearly my choice is not Entity framework as it is slow for obvious reasons.

Dapper could be the second best choice, but it is slightly slower than core ado.net. Else i might have choose LLBLgenpro.

Few benchmark links that supports my argument.


I could have gone for SalarDB generator but that was too plain simple code. Could be good for very small project.

For a medium to large scale project i must say CodeTrigger is the best code generator tool ever.

Best Features:

a- Clean & quality code
b- Bug free code
c- Performance
d- Easily manage changes during sprints, one click and you get your code changes
e- Visual Studio integration
f- Nice Criteria query API
g- Nice Repository pattern implementation
h- Generate SQL Stored procedures.
i- Support for logging
j- Exception handling support
k- Unit of work pattern
l- Dependency injection pattern using either Unity or ninject
m- Generates interface definitions.

On a recent project i did some measurements for code metrices, and they are as below:

For users who want to know more of the below stats should visit URL below:


You can see the high maintainability index, low depth of inheritance and nice numbers for class coupling. And around 9000+ lines of code generated in under 15 minutes by clicks of few minutes. This is really a great tool and it increases productivity and efficiency of the developers to the highest level possible.

I would recommend this tool to all the developers fellows who are missing there deadlines, or needs to code with quality and good patterns, this is a nice tool to go for.