Confirmed: Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview coming next week

Microsoft has officially announced Windows Phone 8.1, but is yet to release it to the general public. That said, the developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 will be made available to registered developers soon and developers will be the first to get their hands on the final RTM version of the mobile OS once it is released by Microsoft.

If you want to try your hands onto the developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 and want to be the first one to get the finished version of Windows Phone 8.1 when it does get released, here are the steps you need to follow.

Register as a developer

You need to first register as a developer with the Microsoft developer program. This process is free and you will not be required to pay a single cent / penny for it. Also you need not be a developer to actually register as a developer with Microsoft.

The trick is to register using the free App Studio that Microsoft released recently. Use the same email address as you have used on your Windows Phone handset and register as a developer.

Download Preview for Developers app

Preview for Developers app is basically an app that configures your phone to receive developer previews of software updates that are yet to be released by Microsoft.

Download the app from this location and install it on your Windows Phone handset.

Once installed, run the app and agree to the Terms and Conditions, sign-in using the Microsoft account using which you registered as a developer. Then agree to enable Preview for Developers and click done to complete the process.

Check for phone updates

Navigate to Settings -> Phone Update and tap on check for updates. This will connect through to Microsoft servers and check for Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview.

Your Windows Phone handset should find the developer preview update once available and begin downloading it.

Some examples of how to do good programming in C#

foreach( i=0; i < getdata (); i++) { // }

should be

var data=GetData();
foreach( i=0; i < data ; i++) { // }

The call to GetData() is reduced to one, and thus increased performance overheads.

Another example:


if (IsolatedStorageWrapper.LoadString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”) == “”)
IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, “true”);
IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, “”);

could be written as

IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, IsolatedStorageWrapper.LoadString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”) == “” ? “true” : “”);

could be written as

var loadedStringValue=IsolatedStorageWrapper.LoadString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”) == “” ? “true” : “”;

IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, loadedStringValue);

could again be written as

var loadedStringValue = IsolatedStorageWrapper.LoadString( “ShowTipsAndTricks” ) == “” ? “true” : “”;
IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString( “ShowTipsAndTricks” , loadedStringValue );

Good way to write code – A

Lots of time, we can increase readability and performance of our app by using good programming practices. Like I was doing once like below:

if (IsolatedStorageWrapper.LoadString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”) == “”)
IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, “true”);
IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, “”);

now this is something we do most of the times, but all this can be done in one line of code as well, see below:

IsolatedStorageWrapper.SaveString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”, IsolatedStorageWrapper.LoadString(“ShowTipsAndTricks”) == “” ? “true” : “”);

The compiler will have to traverse through less lines, and we might some less CPU cycles 🙂

Rapid Competition

Make a windows 8 combo app ( An app that is on both wp8 and windows 8 metro platform ) and win rewards:

1- Nice graphics ( Metro Style )
2- Functionality ( Value added feature/s )
3- Uniqueness ( Never heard before )
4- Technology Usage ( Tiles, Push Notifications, Hardware .. )
5- Number of downloads / Number of ratings / Purchases ( A factor would be applied on overall winning rating based on these as well )

Rewards for the winner:
1- 2GB Windows Azure USB by Microsoft
2- Your app would be highlighted on our website
3- If you app reaches high sales above 300$, first payment would be made to the developer, after that all profits to us 🙂
4- Microsoft writing pads (5)

Last date of entries is 28th Feb, Hurry up guys to get the perks.

Send your entries to with subject as “Rapid Competition”, also lookout on this entry for further details as well.