SSD is a Microsoft certified partner company located in West Bengal, Kolkata India. They required an extensive training for there team in Silverlight. From 25th of July till 29th of July, i conducted the Silverlight training covering a vast range of topics like Basics of Silverlight, WPF, MVVM, RIA Services, Business Application Development, Expression Blend, dependency properties, Routed events, Layouts, Animations, Transformations and bonus content like window phone 7 application development overview.

It was a 5 day training event focusing on an extensive Silverlight course material like Basics of Silverlight, XAML, Animations, MVVM, RIA Services, Business application design, WPF. Although 5 days were not enough to grasp and swallow the whole stuff but i believe it was a good learning experience for the whole SSD Team as well as myself.

Attendees of Silverlight training at SSD

Attendees of Silverlight training at SSD

Complete training details are as below:

Day 1


WPF – An Introduction

.net applications over the years

What to expect?

Some background

What WPF offers?


Need for XAML

XAML Basics

Properties in XAML

Type Convertors

Visual Tree & render Process


Day 2


Layout Controls

Layout Philosophy

Layout process

Layout containers


Practical Session

Build a Silverlight WPF application decided at runtime

Dependency Properties

Dynamic Resolution

Attached Properties

Dependency Props

WPF Events

Event fire direction

The content controls

General introduction to controls

Day 3





Formatting bound data


WPF Commands



Property based model

Day 4


RIA Services

Building Business applications using RIA Services


Build an application over MVVM architecture

Command Sources

Command binding


Silverlight application Cycle

Build an application using Silverlight and RIA Services

Day 5


Recap ofSession

Introductionto Expression Blend UI

Small demoof how to develop a windows phone 7 app